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Leadership Course

Kendo Academy Leadership Class

There are those who lead and those who follow. Leaders create their lives. Followers live lives created by someone else.

The Leadership Class is a hands-on class that teaches students the importance of goal setting, leadership skills, public speaking, community service and teaching skills. It is required that students attend the extra leadership class every week in order to benefit from Leadership Class experience. These are highly motivated and well disciplined students.

The leadership program builds confidence in the youngster and turns them into a leadernot only in the school, but in the community

To join the Leadership Team and receive all the benefits it offers you must:

•Be 12 years of age or older
•Be prepared to be a role model for other students
Assist classes and school events 사용 중인 브라우저가 해당 이미지의 표시를 지원하지 않을 수도 있습니다.

C.I.T Course

Kendo Academy Certified Instructor Course
Kendo Academy Certified Instructor Course is for individual who is enthusiastic about Kendo Training. The students will learn the fundamental techniques to be an instructor, and how to run a Kendo School. The goal of Certified Instructor Course is to become a respectful Kendo Master with excellent school managing skill. They will receive advanced individual training to be a proud Kendo Academy Sung Moo Instructor