School Etiquette

Do Jang Sam Rae (Three Levels of Respect of  Sung Moo)

1. Respect towards the national flag

Respect towards the national flag, shown by saluting, signifies kendo’s principle of loyalty towards one’s nation.  This will be done as one enters and leaves the do jang as well as at the beginning and the end of practice sessions.

2. Respect towards the master/teacher

Respect towards the master/teacher, sh own by bowing, signifies kendo’s principle of  respecting one’s parents, teachers and elders.

3. Respect towards other students

Kendo also teaches that there should be respect amongst fellow students of kendo. One  must treat other students with respect to be treated with respect by other students. This  signifies kendo’s principle of treating all human beings and all living things with respect.

List of Basic Etiquette of Do Jang

  1. One must pay respect to the do jang, by bowing, when entering and exiting.
  2. One must address the master or teacher of the do jang as “sa beom nim” or “sir” and show due respect.
  3. One must be polite and patient towards fellow students regardless of rank.
  4. One must wear the kendo uniform properly and maintain uniform and other kendo equipment in a clean and safe state for practice.
  5. During practice, one shall be considerate and aware of other students’ safety
  6. There shall be no swearing, joking or speaking loudly regarding non-kendo related matters, horseplay or any other behavior which displays a lack of respect to kendo and the do jang.
  7. One shall prepare oneself for practice quickly; and be prepared to listen and follow instructions of the master/teacher or leader.
  8. One shall not excuse oneself from practice without prior permission from master/teacher.