Essay by Bridget Kim

Bridget Kim Kumdo 1st Dan,Student

Bridget Kim Kumdo 1st Dan,Student

Soccer, tennis, swimming, volleyball, lacrosse, track…throughout my life I have participated in a great number of sports but none can compare to kumdo. I wake up every morning and complain about school or work, and for a small period of time I did the same about kumdo. Looking back at that time I regret ever having thoughts of giving up, but that was when I was weak. I’ve finally realized it takes determination, patience, and heart to get through whatever troubles might come my way, kumdo has taught me this. No longer do I wake in the morning and groan at the thought of kumdo, instead I can’t help but smile.

Two years of kumdo and I have finally achieved my goal. I can’t express the happiness I feel. I will always take what I learned from kumdo wherever I go because I want to continue reaching my ambitions. I am extremely grateful that I could experience kumdo. I can proudly lift my chin and tell all those who want to know that I take kumdo. Kumdo is my push to fight for what I want. Kumdo is my source of confidence and strength.

No matter how cliché or cheesy it may sound, kumdo really has helped me grow stronger physically and mentally. It teaches me discipline and patience; it gives me that positive, work harder attitude. It has shown me a broader and different view on life. My aspects on life are entirely different from what they were in the past. I have learned to value and cherish others. I have learned to view others as equals and to respect them.

And above all, kumdo has given me the confidence and strength to respect myself as well. I have the strength of mind to work hard for what I want in life.

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