Training Program for Beginner Level 9 to 5

Training Program for Beginner Level 9 to 5
Objective: Posture Correction, Flexibility, Basic Stamina, Discipline, Balance of Body, Concentration.
Training GoalsSelf Checking Points
Basic Training* Do I understand the basic movements correctly?
Footwork, 3 Steps,2 Steps,1 Step Swing Technique, Quick Steps, Yeon Gyuk,?Striking Technique, Counter Attack* Is my balance getting better??
Basic Stamina* Am I doing quick step swing with big motion and proper speed?
* Am I capable of doing 500 quick steps with good posture?
Correcting Posture??* Are my chest and back straightened?
* Is my foot stance parallel? (Especially left foot)?
Balance of Body* Can I walk with proper posture?(regular foot work, sliding foot work)
* Is my back straightened when doing soom-shee-kee(Breathing technique)
* Is my body unstable when doing yeon-gyuk?
Etiquettes* Do I know 3 levels of respect at school?
* Do I bow when I enter and leave the school?
* Do I bow to masters and seniors before and after the practice?
Discipline* Am I on time to the class?
* Am I disturbing the class?
* Am I handling my equipment well?
Concentration* Am I trying to concentrate on Master's instruction?
* Do I understand master's instruction?
Training Goals & Objective for Beginner Level 9 to 5

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