Training Program For Black Belt II Dan

Training Program For Balck Belt II Dan
Training Goal: Victory over oneself. Endurance, Courage, Respect, Leadership, Creativity, Demonstration Team, Tournament Participation.
Training GoalsSelf Checking Points
Improving Techniques* Am I doing Yeon-gyuk with full spirit?
Advanced technique, Free Sparring, Offensive, Pyung-sang-shim (Natural state of mind)?* Am I using chi energy with my sword?
* Is my timing getting faster and more accurate?
* Do I understand the importance of the offensive?
* Do I understand the importance of Joong-dan?
* Do I understand the relation between Bon practice and Jook-do practice??
Stamina* Is my stamina getting better?
* Am I capable of doing attack practice without resting??
Posture* 중단세를 흐트러트리지 않으려 노력하는가
* Am I trying to keep my Joong-dan correctly?
* Is my center of balance is at the abdomen?
* Am I using big techniques?
* Am I keeping my Jon-shim (remaining mind)??
Courtesy* Am I comfortable of Kumdo Courtesy?
* Is Kumdo courtesy related to ordinary life?
* Is my courtesy sincere from my heart?
Spirit* Am I a person of integrity?
* Can I be patient in everything?
* Am I trying to overcome when I face the obstacles?
* Am I studying myself??
Training Goals and Objectives for Balck Belt II Dan

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