Training Program For Black I Dan

Training Program for Black Belt I Dan
Training Goal: Achievement, Confidence, Concentration, Stamina, Spirit of Cooperation, Demonstration Team, Tournaments
Training GoalsSelf Checking Points
Application of the basics* Is my Yeon-gyuk smooth and can I receive body slam?
Improving techniques, Free Sparring, Distance and timing,* Is my shoulder loose and do I swing with the snap?
Three elements required to make one perfect striking (or cutting)-Ki, Kum, Che ilch.* Do I understand the importance of the distance and the timing?
* Can I make right distance while doing Yeon-gyuk and drills?
* Do I understand Ki, Kum, Che ilch?
* Do I understand the Jon-shim (remaining mind)?
* Do I keep practicing Bongook-gumbup and Bon?
Stamina* Am I capable of 1000 quicksteps (1Dan) and 2000 quicksteps (2Dan)?
* Is my lung capacity improved?
* Am I capable of doing attack practice with full spirit??
Correcting Posture* Are my chest and back straightened?
* Am I practicing the drills with correct posture?
* Am I trying not to defend?(or block)
* Is my elasticity improved?
* Am I trying Ki, Kum, Che ilch?
Balance of Body* Am I doing correct stomping?
* Can I do body slamming?
* Can I lower my weight balance?
Discipline* Do I respect my masters sincerely?
* Am I self-conceit or humble?
* Am I considerate to the lower levels and beginners?
* Am I observing good manners to the higher black belts??
Spirit* Am I repeating unnecessary question?
* Am I trying to be a role model as a black belt?
* Am I trying to achieve my goal?
* Am I confident while doing the match or sparring?
* Is my Ki-hap(spiritual yelling) getting louder?
* Am I giving up easily or trying harder with positive mind??
Training Goals and Objectives for Black Belt I Dan

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