Training Program for Intermediate Level 4 to 1

Training Program for Intermediate Level 4 to 1
Objective: Posture Correction, Flexibility, Basic Stamina, Discipline, Balance of Body, Concentration.
Training GoalsSelf Checking Points
Intermediate training* Am I doing Yeon-gyuk with big and smooth motion?
Yeon-gyuk, Drill Practice(small motion), Bongook-Gumbup, Bon(Kumdo Forms)* Do I understand striking distance?
* Do I loosen my shoulder muscle?
* Is my snap improved?
* Do I know Bongook-Gumbup and Bon?
Stamina* Am I capable of doing 800 quick steps with good posture? (Level 1)
* Is my breathing capacity improved?
* Do I recover the vitality soon after the attack practice??
Correcting Posture* Is my posture correct when I do drill practice?
* Are my foot stances parallel?(Especially left foot)
* Is my movement simple and straight forward?
* Are my body and foot work synchronized when I practice Yeon-gyuk and drills?
Balance of Body* Do I understand the importance of the stomping?
* Is my body balanced when I do Yeon-gyuk?
Etiquettes* Do I talk politely in the class?
* Do I show my sincere respect to the others?
* Do I appreciate the teaching from masters and seniors?
Discipline* Am I keeping the school rule for other students' sake?
* Can I be considerate for others?
Concentration* Am I repeating unnecessary question?
* Do I understand the point of instruction?
* Can I keep concentrating on my opponent?
Training Goals & Objectives for Intermediate Level 4 to 1

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